Puppy Ready for Import
Collaboration with the Czech breed club is vital for our import program. This pup is on his way to a BWPGCA member in the U.S.

Importing Český Fousek Puppies

Rick Sojda, Laurie Connell, & Jen Lachowiec continue to manage the importing of puppies for the club from the Czech Republic with a strong collaboration from their breed club, Klub Chovatelů Českých Fousků (KCCF).  Ing. Jaroslav Havlát (Czech Director of Breeding) helps us in selection of promising puppies that would fit into the North American Breeding program.  Our objective has remained constant over the years we have imported: to import good hunting and family dogs with sound temperaments from a diverse genetic background that have the potential to contribute to our North American Český Fousek breeding pool. These puppies have been placed with club members, and the pups are subject to the same rigorous screening process that we use to select breeding stock from our domestic litters. Overall, the dogs seem quite similar to the rest of our club dogs.  We hear only positive comments from members regarding both hunting ability and temperament of the imported puppies.

The KCCF manages their population as a rare breed by development of genetic lines to maintain maximum genetic diversity.  Genetic diversity is of paramount importance in breeding healthy dogs, especially those with small populations.  All dogs are tested for performance, conformation, and health before entering their breeding program.  The Czech system maintains the genetic lines by limiting the breeding options within the entire population.  When lines need to be refreshed they are crossed.  Here in North America, we have set up three lines based on the KCCF lines and we manage our population in a very similar way as the KCCF.

Our club looks for specific litters from which to import puppies that compliment or strengthen our North American gene pool or lines that need additional breeding animals.  Each year trips are taken to the Czech Republic to meet with Ing. Jaroslav Havlát, view potential breeding dogs, attend tests and training sessions, and meet more of the Czech Breeders.  With the assistance of the Czech Club Breed Wardens, we have developed a plan to identify litters that achieve enough diversity yet still maintain flexibility in our breeding plans for the future.  If all goes well, and if we are lucky, some of these dogs will end up in our North American breeding pool.

As of April 2016, the BWPGCA has imported a total of 30 puppies; 16 females and 14 males.  We have developed a system for shipping and have excellent communication with the KCCF International Secretary, Ing. Pavel Dostál. We provide the new prospective owners with what details we have about the litters as we get the information.  You can choose the sex of your pup.  If you have a strong preference on color (ticked vs. brown), we will do our best to accommodate your preference.  Many times we get photos of the pups that are then posted on our FaceBook page.  Often the Czech breeders have a continued interest in the progress of the puppies and maintain communication over the years.

All imported puppies will be registered with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI), and you will be required to register them with BWPGCA once they arrive.  You will also be required to submit a blood sample to Cornell for our DNA BioBank, as well as sign a BWPGCA buyer/ breeder’s agreement; in it, you agree to abide by our standard Breeding Committee requirements. All owners of puppies, either domestic or imported are expected to fill out a number of health and temperament forms throughout your dogs’ life as well as have a PennHIP evaluation done on the pup by the age of two years old.  These things all assist us in our breeding plans for the future.

Payment is handled through our club treasurer therefore eliminates the need for each owner to deal with international bank transfers.  Shipping costs will vary from city to city.  It is our intent to average the cost of shipping all the dogs imported each year, and then each person will pay that average cost.  All other costs are effectively the same for each puppy. We will only ship to major US cities where we can arrange for a non-stop flight from either Amsterdam or Zurich.  In the past, this has included Boston, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Seattle.  It will be your responsibility to drive to the city you choose to pick up the dog from Air Cargo and clear U.S. Customs.  We have prepared a nice set of procedures that delineates all that you need to do.  As for shipping, the dogs will leave Prague, and head for either Zurich or Amsterdam.  We arrange for a pet transport service to either get them to their next flight after walking, feeding and watering them, or they spend a night in either Zurich or Amsterdam with the pet transport service, and then they get them to their next nonstop flight to the U.S. the following day.  When you pick up your puppy, Air Cargo offices have a small cargo fee, typically  $55.  You will NOT need to secure any other pet transport arrangements or incur other fees once the dog in the US; although, sometimes a private company may make it look advisable or even mandatory.

As in most things canine, there are no guarantees (literally) except that we are doing our best to import good potential hunting buddies, including all the traits towards which we strive.  We have no way to recoup our costs because of the complexities of importing, and the Club offers no guarantee on your dog.  But as you know, our club always comes together as family.

See Import Puppy Club/Buyer’s Agreement Form Here:

  • Please use the form below to contact a BWPGCA Breeding Committee member with questions or comments specific to our import program. For information about the club in general or to request consideration for a puppy, please see links on the home page.