Each year, the Breeding Committee attempts to breed sufficient pups to approximate the demand among club members.  These are the current and anticipated litters for 2016:

Litter 1. aus Böhmerwald A Litter

breeding pair
Barton de los Altox X Hilda of Dutchman’s Hollow

Hilda of Dutchman’s Hollow whelped 10 pups on July 7, 2016.  to ask for specific details on this litter, please email: ceskyfousekpuppies@gmail.com.

dog with pups day 1
Hilda of Dutchman’s Hollow Litter

Litter 2: Hundgaard C Litter

This litter whelped August 10th.  There are two pups: both male, one brown and one liver-ticked.

breeding pair
Hershey of Dutchman’s Hollow Litter
Hershey with pups
Hershey of Dutchman’s Hollow with 2 pup litter