judge and handler at test grounds
Rocky Mountain Spring Test near Jerome, ID

Bohemian Griffon enthusiasts who live and hunt throughout the mountains and plains of the West comprise the Rocky Mountain Chapter. Current clusters of members reside in Idaho,  Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, the Dakotas and California. Our Cesky Fouseks probably see more sharptails and huns than most, but this is also chukar, pheasant, blue grouse, ruffed grouse, and sage grouse country. Plus, spring creeks and prairie marshes offer some fine waterfowl opportunities.

Test Events
Over the past several years, we have been holding field tests in late March or early April at Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area near Jerome, ID. See the Rocky Mountain Test page for details.

Exposure/Training Days
Sometime during the summer, one of our Bozeman families has been most gracious in hosting an exposure/training day. This is a fun event oriented towards the puppies in the region. There are two training objectives, one is to ensure that they young dogs get excited over birds. This includes exposing them to deep enough water so that they must swim. The second objective is to expose both dogs and their owners to the elements of the  BWPGCA testing program. The remainder of the day is filled with talk of wonderful canines, of training ideas, and of possible Fall hunting plans. We conclude the day with a pot-luck barbecue. A number of folks always pitch in with logistics, from buying birds to planting birds to ordering steaks.

For specific test information on the testing program, including rule-books, go to the Progeny Testing section of the website. page.  For Rocky Mountain test details, see Rocky Mountain Test.

Chapter Contacts
President: Angie McDunn
Vice President: Ann Pool
Field Test Chairman
John McDunn
3380 Rottweiler  Ct.
Helena,     MT  59602

Tawna Skinner
5 Dutton Lane
Salmon, ID 83467-5086

Phone: (208) 756-4658
Email: tawnaskinner@yahoo.com