Cesky Fousek World Cup Invitation

 Dear friends of the Cesky Fousek, breeders and handlers.

We would like to invite You warmly to KCHČF Club dog show and international competition – Cesky Fousek World Cup, competition of Cesky Fousek during hunting job in field and water. We are preparing a program for you, that begins one week in advance at our club universal test for pointing dogs – Memoriál Jaromíra Dostála. We will be happy, if you join us at this meeting of Cesky Fousek friends from all over the world.  We hope that you will accept our invitation to the competition and dog show.

If you have any additional questions, or suggestions, please email me at the address posted below..

We look forward to seeing you.

Good luck to Cesky Fousek

Ing. Pavel Dostál – International secretary

e-mail: cryotechsro@cryotechsro.com


Pod Kostelíčkem 253
277 21 Liběchov
Czech Republic

Program and invitation to the World meeting of Cesky Fousek breeders, owners and fans    
20th – 21st September 2018

Arrival of the first participants, accommodation, individual program or joint trips.

22nd -23rd September 2018

Memorial Jaromíra Dostála

Place – Mladá Boleslav – Ledce

Club universal test – open for all pointing breeds of dogs.

Disciplines – field, water, wood (most disciplines of field and water is similar with disciplines of Cesky Fousek World Cup.

Visitors will learn about the system of examinations and competitions of hunting dogs in the Czech Republic.

Visitors can see dogs during disciplines, meet dog handlers and Czech hunting traditions.


Will you participate on memorial competition as a visitor? yes no
Will you participate on memorial competition as a handler of your dog? yes no
24th – 27th September 2018

• We offer you joint training of Your dogs for the World Cup, at selected hunting areas, together with Czech handlers and breeders.

yes no
• Visits and tours of interesting historical sites associated with Czech and hunting history yes no
27th September 2018, evening

Travel to town Konopiště and Benešov. Accommodation for participants and visitors of the World Cup.

28th September 2018

·         Club dog show

·         Evening – Conference, presentation of foreign representatives – Expanding of cooperation between Cesky Fousek breeders, cooperation projects.

·         Dinner, party

29th September 2018

·         World Cup opening ceremony

·         1st day of competition

·         Evening hunting party, music, dance

30th September 2018

·         2nd day of competition

·         Afternoon – results announcement, final ceremony of Cesky Fousek World Cup and meeting od Cesky Fousek friends

1st October 2018


Will You participate as handler of Your dog? yes no
Will You participate as visitor? yes no
Are You interesting to reserve car? yes no
Do you prefer group bus transport with other participants? yes no
In the spring of 2018, we will be happy to send you entries for the Club dog show and the World Cup.

Details of both events, times, more precise venues, starting fees will be given in the application forms.

In July 2018, the KCHČF bank account will be accepted for payment of starting fees. In the course of August you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.


Download rules here.